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give back partnerships

With Imani, a give back partnership is about impact and awareness. Together, we will work to create impact that is meaningful for your company, employees, customers and our local + global communities.

What is Give Back?

A give back partnership is a mutually beneficial commitment between a business and a non-profit organization. The business gives a portion of their profit to support a cause they believe in and in return, the business gains marketing exposure and a positive reputation. It is a unique way for you to use your business to make the world a better place by working with us to end the generational cycles of poverty. The partnership creates a way for your business to be socially responsible and become part of the solution.

What are the Benefits For You?

As a give back partner with Imani, you are clearly and boldly communicating to your staff and clientele that you care about leveraging your business to make a difference in the world. You proactively use your brand to raise awareness and inspire your community to be engaged.

You become part of a movement that is creating a high impact, and transforming lives globally.

As a Give Back Partner with Imani Collective, we celebrate your commitment to changemaking. We will recognize your efforts by consistently featuring you + your company in electronic and print materials we send to our community so that they can know you and support your business.

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How Much To Give Back?

Many partners choose to give between 10-20% of their monthly profit. Other business owners choose to give a set amount per transaction. This is a personal decision and whatever ‘give back’ you choose, we are grateful for your partnership.

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