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the imani model

At Imani Collective we strive to be transparent in not only our impact, but also of our business and social enterprise model. Our founder, Jenny Nuccio, has over a decade of experience growing Imani Collective and working with social entrepreneurs.
Through education, research, and practical experience living within communities in Kenya, she founded the School of Ethical Impact to create opportunities for motivated entrepreneurs to make ethical impact the social norm through redefining how we do business and impact.
Imani Collective is a leading ethical impact brand. We take pride in the model we have created, but also know it is not a one size fits all solution. If you are interested in learning more about how to start, grow, or thrive an ethical impact business, visit the School of Ethical Impact and learn more about their 12-month comprehensive program and consulting services.

The Imani Collective Business Model

Kenyan NGO
Artisan training program including holistic support to PLC artisan's purchased at cost.
Arrow pointing from right to left
Kenyan PLC
PLC to purchase goods + contract with NGO for training + donate monthly
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Arrow pointing up and down
U.S.A Nonprofit
Fiscal sponsor and additional fundraising arm for the NGO
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Purchased goods from the PLC at COGs (material + direct labor x 2.2)

Our Method of Sustainability

We follow the 5 P's of Sustainability Framework created by the School of Ethical Impact.
We know that in order to create an Ethical Impact™ through business that we needed to rethink the triple bottom line. This framework allows us to take a holistic approach to empowerment and has created sustainable solutions throughout all aspects of Imani Collective.
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The thing you're fighting for that lights you up.
Drawing of the earth in light pink and brown


The thing that houses your mission and is affected by your people, profit, and purpose.
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Those who are interwoven with your business: you, your employees, partners, beneficiaries, and communities.


A powerful vehicle for sustaining people and impact.
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Embracing proactive and strategic collectiveness for mutual and global gain.

meet mwanaisha

the collective
Imani Collective now employs over 180 artisans in Mtepeni Village and Mombassa, along with half a dozen women state-side. Together, we unleash a woman's greatness through empowerment + opportunity + community.