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At Imani Collective, we strive to be transparent in our impact and social enterprise model. Every year we make it a top priority to care for the well-being of our artisans and the communities "without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."
We support the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which has set forth 17 SDGs that serve as a "call to action to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030". Our primary SDGs of focus are:
1 - No Poverty
8 - Decent work and economic growth
12 - Responsible consumption and production


Imani Collective is proud to be a part of the 1% for the Planet community. 1% for the Planet-approved Environmental Partners are carefully vetted environmental organizations eligible to receive certifiable funding from their members. This partnership is intended to advance our impact and involve more businesses and individuals in the environmental movement.

Local Sourcing

We are committed to only using locally sourced organic products to ensure we do our part to care for our environment and the people in it. By sourcing from local markets + vendors we are investing in the local economy, which is essential to the economic development in the area.

Design Philosophy

We create products that support our artisan's talents, inspired by the beauty of traditional African craftsmanship. We are committed to designing products safe for our environment and the entire family. We ensure eco-friendly methods are used from the start to the end of product creation. Our products are representations of empowerment, sustainable income, and artisanship.


our canvas products are screen printed in-house using natural dyes. After air drying, they are individually stuffed and hand-stitched.


We take the time to prewash all materials by hand and allow them to air dry.
We use Mitin FF (a mothproofing agent harmless to humans) that removes the natural oils of the wool in order to keep the yarn from bonding.
The left over yarn is used by our weavers to create their own custom rug and wall hanging designs sold at our soko shop.

natural dyes

All the dyes we use for our screen printing processes are plant-based and have no chemical toxins.

natural fibers

our woven baskets are made from a natural reed found locally in Turkana, Kenya.


our leather ornaments are made from repurposed leather scraps.


We've seen a 35% decrease in fabric waste in 2022. We've accomplished this by reducing our initial cutpiece dimensions, streamlining our production process to reduce defective pieces, and upcycling scraps to create new pieces.


In addition we are taking into account all departments within our company to ensure we are taking steps to drive true systems of change. Our goal is to be 100% plastic free by 2025.
We use a vibrant, water proof, and reusable cotton-based wax fabric known locally as Kanga in place of plastic packaging.
Once shipments arrive safely at our Tennessee warehouse, products are then packaged in recycled polymailers or in a boxes sealed with kraft tape, making it easy to recycle for our customers.

We support the integrity of ethically sourced, artisan made goods, and create opportunities for men and women to make them.

Financial inclusion and economic opportunity are key ingredients to rising above poverty. Imani Collective provides training and creates jobs with dignity to meet the need for employment in the communities where we are located. Our artisans work in a clean, well-lit, fun, and nurturing work environment.

Living Wage

The Living Wage is an approximate income needed to meet a family's basic needs, including food, housing, transport, health, education, tax deductions, and other necessities. We provide our employees with fair, steady wages that honor the time and skill that go into making each product by hand, with heart. The compensation (wages and benefits) exceeds government minimums improving their standard of living and cultivating a brighter future for their families.
Dignified employment is a key ingredient for economic development and poverty alleviation in developing countries worldwide.
Approximately 46% of Kenyans live below the international poverty line of $1.90 per day. Imani Collective pays more than 2.6 times more than minimum wage, along with unmatched benefits.


16,076 KSH
19,696 KSH
18,000 KSH
16,076 KSH
19,969 KSH
18,000 KSH
21,000 KSH
22,158 KSH
20,100 KSH
* All wages shown are for a single adult, per month


*wage per month
** for a single adult

Employee Benefits

We know that rising above poverty takes more than a job, it takes dignified employment, personal growth, and a community of support. Our holistic support programs focus on the empowerment of a whole person and ultimately benefits the spouses, children, and community of our artisans + staff.
Empowering the whole person allows for our artisans to not merely survive, but thrive in the life they live.
Two socks drawn
Childcare provided for both our stateside team and Kenya team
Daily Food Program
Drawing of a building with a door, two stories, and a roof. The building is light pink and the roof is light brown
Monthly home visits
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Training to take steps toward dream development
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RISE personal development workshops
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Special event celebrations

We are a women-owned socio-economic empowerment program expanding across the globe. We strive to create a space that puts people before products.


We believe in unleashing the greatness of women by encouraging big dreams + equipping them to achieve them! Once we realize what we're made of, we can own what we're made for. Our community strives to bring people together, raise awareness, spread joy, and ultimately do good for our community in Kenya and communities around the globe.
It starts with our holistic programs where we come alongside our artisans and care for them in a wrap-around approach, which creates this unique work culture. Over the years, this has developed our women's self-efficacy and self worth. It has given them confidence to lead their families, provide for their children, and plan for the future. This has completely transformed communities. Our women walk outside of our workshop every day and take this beautiful culture we have created of love, dignity, inclusivity, and peace.

Gender Empowerment

We believe women hold the key to long-term social change. That's why we provide the educational resources and opportunities they need to create sustainable livelihoods for themselves and for future generations. We believe education bridges skill and knowledge, while equipping a woman to tap into her highest capacity. Education at Imani Collective is not limited to technical skills.
men with dignified employment
women with dignified employment
Drawing of three people, one is standing and two are sitting

holistic programs

The foundation of who we are lies in our holistic programs. We believe that radical transformation can happen through the empowerment of the whole person. We are more than a job, we are a collective - a family - that provides for our women + men in all facets of life.
We are committed to improving our team's economic, spiritual, emotional and social well-being. At Imani Collective, we support the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and are aligned with SDG 1: No Poverty, SDG 8: Decent work and economic growth, and SDG 12: Responsible consumption and production.
Our desire is for the generational cycle of poverty to be broken within our communities through access to dignified employment and education. Our artisans are improving their standard of living and cultivating a brighter future for their families.
Drawing of a building with a door, two stories, and a roof. The building is light pink and the roof is light brown

In-house childcare

structured program for artisans' children to attend during the day while parents work, which includes themed curriculum, field trips, English courses, primary school entrance test preparation, creative crafts and more.

Drawing of a building with a door, two stories, and a roof. The building is light pink and the roof is light brown

Food program

daily well-balanced meals

Drawing of a building with a door, two stories, and a roof. The building is light pink and the roof is light brown

Home visits

twice-per-month trips to visit artisans and their families, where we check in and present a love offering gift bag

Drawing of a building with a door, two stories, and a roof. The building is light pink and the roof is light brown

Special events

monthly artisan, employee and children's birthday celebrations, in addition to holiday parties, cultural field trips and an end-of-year celebration.


Our collaborations are a key component of Imani Collective's success. By partnering with like-minded brands, we provide market opportunities to help each other build and strengthen our community. Our partners join us in pursuing our vision to see individuals and families rise above economic and spiritual poverty to become empowered change agents in their communities and workplaces. We partner with organizations who are equally committed to living and loving BOLDLY with us.
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